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Spring (210)

A natural blend to support pets suffering from grasses, pollens, wandering jew and allergy complaints.

A homeopathic and herbal blend, designed to support the normal immune response of an animal suffering from grasses, pollens, wandering jew and allergy complaints.

Look at the Case study on Joey Johns.

What is Spring?

Spring is an all natural herbal, homeopathic and flower essence blend.  It has been designed and developed by Animal Homeopaths and Herbalists.  Handmade in NZ to the strictest health and hygiene standards.

More and more people are finding that their pets are having problems with allergies. This can be from pollens via inhalation through the respiratory tract and also as a contact allergy when coming into contact with grasses and wandering jew. This manifests itself as pink raw itchy skin, rashes and raised spots like pimples. With a contact allergy it is very common for the animal to be irritated in the under carriage – tummy, arm pits, groin, paws.

There will be lots of licking, scratching and biting of these areas. With the trauma this activity creates it can lead on to secondary infections of the skin. For many the only answer has been a vet visit and their pet put on steroids to stop the inflammation.

How to administer:

Spring is given orally straight into the mouth of the animal, making sure not to contaminate the dripper.  But we do realise that this is not always an option, it can therefore be added to food or water.  Instructions are on the bottle.

Other Products to use in conjunction with:

Allergies are associated with the immune system; therefore supporting this will help the animal cope with it.  So we suggest using our immune and liver tonic.

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