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Homeopathic First Aid




Apis             Bee, jellyfish, wasp and other stings. The skin appears red, hot, swollen and shiny, looks as if it will burst. The Animal is restless and extremely sensitive to touch.  Better for cold application.

Calendula     Natural antiseptic.  Promotes healing and granulation of open wounds.  Use in conjunction with ledum for puncture wounds.  NEVER PUT ON SKIN AS A LOTION IN PUNCTURE WOUNDS.

Cantharis     Red, burning with intense itching.  Relieved by cold application.

Hepar Sulph When injury gets infected and looks like it may turn into an abscess.  Pus or discharge smells with lots of pain.

Hypericum    For any bites rich in nerves: paws, ears, tail, nose and tongue.  Arnica of the nerves.  Helps relieve pain.

Ledum         Especially if the bite looks purple, is becoming septic and is better used for cold application.  Heals from the bottom upwards, good for puncture wounds.



Arnica          Reduces swelling, helps with bruising and to control internal bleeding also deals with shock.

Calc phos     Fracture support – non union of fractures.  Broken bones.  Light frame and bone structure.

Eup perf       Animal moans with the pain, pain that does not go away easily. Thirsty, trembling in back.

Hypericum    A lot of pain and nerve damage.

Symphytum  Injuries to the bone esp with periosteum involvement.  Pain of wounds even after they have healed.  Broken bones need to be set before using this remedy.  Follows calc phos well.



Arnica          Bruised tissue from physical trauma, injury, accident, falls or blows.  Wounds, bleeding, swelling.  Good for head injuries.  Restless with the pain, fearful of being touched but acts fine. 

Bellis           Arnica of the breast and Uterus.  Deep muscular bruising, internal organs and reproductive organs.

Hypericum    Pain from bruising to areas rich in nerves – paws, toes, tail etc 

Ruta grav      Bruising to the periosteum (covering of the bone) – bruising of the bone, shins etc.



Arnica          Helps deal with the initial shock, reduce swelling and control bleeding.

Hypericum    Wounds in areas with rich nerve supply to relieve pain.  Deep puncture wounds.

Ledum         Puncture wounds from rusty nails, needles.  Anti tetanus. Heals from bottom upwards. Old wounds that won’t heal



Aloes           Diarrhoea that is sudden, violent and spluttering, with mucus.  Loud gurgling in abdomen before hand.  Lots of flatus.

Arsenicum    From food poisoning that causes diarrhoea and vomiting with severe weakness and restlessness, with extreme thirst.

Croton Tig    Violent diarrhoea, urging, gurgling and yellowish watery stool.  Pours out like a tape, one urgent gush.

Ipecacuanha Nausea with vomiting, any condition that brings on vomiting – coughing, fever, pregnancy.

Nux vom       Overfeeding, esp rich food.  Lots of straining with little effort – constipation or diarrhoea.  Bloating and animal is cold.

Podophyllum Profuse gushing diarrhoea, watery, jellylike, greenish & offensive.  Diarrhoea alternates with constipation.



Aconite        Inflammation, redness of eyes and watery discharge, after severe weather conditions, especially after exposure to a cold dry wind.

Arnica          Any injury or trauma to the eye, from a blow or knock to the eye.  Swelling, bruising and helps control bleeding.

Calendula     Injury to soft tissue, promotes healing.

Euphrasia     Inflamed eyes after dog has had head out of car window.  Sensitive to light. Hay fever.

Hypericum    Injuries to the eyes and nerves.  Scratches to the eyes.

Symphytum  Blunt object injuries. Injuries to orbit – eye socket black eyes.



Aconite        Animal becomes terror stricken.  Comes on suddenly, great intensity.    Overwhelming fear of death.

Phosphorus  Nervous, fearful of any loud noises, panics easily.  Want company dislike being alone will cry or howl.  Trembling.



Argent Nit     Nervous from anxiety.  Trembling and diarrhoea.  Flatulence, belching and vomiting.  Better for fresh air.  Fear of heights. 

Gelsemium   Weakness and fear with loose stools and frequent urination before an event.  Trembling of body.  Don’t think fast.



Aconite        For when animal becomes terror stricken or frightened after a traumatic experience, earthquake, thunderstorm, seen something horrible happen.  Panic attacks. This is for more of the mental emotional after shock.

Arnica          Shock after any physical trauma or accident.

Ignatia          Shock from a loss, grief or disappointment.  Tense nervous, irritable and hysterical.



Arnica          Reduces swelling helps with bruising and control internal bleeding and deals with shock.

Ledum         If used arnica first but swelling still there after a few days.

Rhus tox      Damage to muscle.  Pain and stiffness in joints.  Pain on first movement but goes when warmed up.  Worse cold weather.  Good after arnica.

Ruta grav      Injuries to tendons, ligaments or periosteum (top layer of bone).  First remedy to consider after arnica for sprains and dislocation.



Belladonna   Symptoms that come on suddenly, head may be hot, great intensity, glassed eyes but extremities may be cold.  Thirstless.



Cocculus      Hyperactive, restless, vertigo.  Drooling, trouble holding head up. Better for lying down. Diarrhoea and vomiting.

Petroleum    Nausea and vomiting.  Worse for focusing on passing objects.  Better dark places.  Love head out window.

Tabacum      Nausea, vomiting, icy cold sweat and weakness.  Exposes abdomen.  A lot of saliva.



Ignatia          Pining due to owner being away, young leaving mother, grief, worry and disappointment.  Hysterical behaviour.  Sighing.

Phosphorus  Want company all the time, dislike being alone.  Upset by changes in weather, vomit easily.

Pulsatilla      Sweet, gentle, timid but very changeable.  Sweet one minute savage the next.  Need a lot of attention, always want to sit on lap.  Moodiness.

Staphisagria For animals that become nervous, angry and irritable after emotional or physical hurt.  Usually sweet and gentle but can snap when pushed to far.



1 dose (4 drops) put into mouth.  Observe patient.  If starting to recover no further doses need to be given.  If remedy has helped you can administer every 5-15 minutes depending on severity of condition until an improvement is noticed, then stop.  If symptoms improve but worsen again, repeat dose.  If there is no change at all in condition after a reasonable amount of time, reassess and choose another well matched remedy.


Homeopathic remedies are best given straight to a mucous membrane, especially in a first aid or emergency situation.  But they can also be added to food and water.


These are Homeopathic First Aid suggestions only and are intended to be used with other first aid treatments, they can be very effective in getting on top of a situation before it gets out of hand.  They are cost effective, natural with no side effects and no stress to the animal.  If symptoms persist or worsen you should always seek the advice of your Veterinarian.

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