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Itchy Skin on Cats and Dogs

Itchy skin on Cats and Dogs can be caused by many factors – flea’s, diet, environment, allergies, stress, vaccination etc.


Flea’s – pets can be allergic to the flea saliva and dirt.  This can cause excessive itching and scratching. Choosing a natrual flea programe and looking at the immune system can help.



Diet  – a lot of commercial dried foods can contribute to itchy skin.  They can have chemicals, preservatives, fillers and also may not be made from the best raw materials. 


Environment – there are many irritations that can affect your pets skin, this can be allergies to grasses, pollens, wandering jew, dust, house dust mites etc.  Or stronger chemicals such as cleaning products, petrol and chemical sprays (which can be absorbed through your pets pads on their feet).


Stress – this may be from an environment or situation that may make your pet feel anxious, fearful or upset.  Owners may not even realise themselves.  Homeopathy works well on the mental and emotional side of your pets well being.  A well selected remedy can work wonders.


Vaccination – There is always a great debate on the whole vaccination issue.  These can quite often lead to internal imbalances, immune disorders and skin conditions.


Once fleas have been eliminated as the cause, diet is usually the next thing that we look at.  Diet is probably the main contributing factor of skin irritation whether it be an itchy dog, dog allergies or a rash on your cat skin that we see at the Centre.  We encourage owners to get their dog or cat on to the BARF diet.


BARF diet or raw food and bones are getting your pet back to what it would naturally eat.  Omega 3.6.9 is also another great thing to give pets on a general basis but especially with dry skin, it is fantastic for skin and coats.


Sometimes we may need to give a helping hand to get the body back into balance, we would then look at homeopathy, herbal medicine or probiotics to get the good bacteria back into the gut.


Many of our clients are amazed at the change in their pet from a simple thing as changing their diet.  Their appetite may increase, it is a better way to maintain a healthy weight and the animals love the food.


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