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Natural Remedies


Our natural remedies are made on site in our dispensary based in Te Aroha.  Made only of all natural ingredients, and with no toxins or chemicals are the most natural way to treat your Pets ailments.

We use blends of homeopathic, herbs and flower essences.

Jumpies - A blend to support animals suffering from flea complaints.

Wiggles - A blend to support animals suffering from internal parasites complaints.

Spring - A blend to support animals suffering from grasses, pollens, wandering jew and allergy complaints.

Flex-eez - A blend to support animals suffering from sprain, strains and muscular complaints.

Pet Mend - A blend to support animals suffering from wounds and puncture complaints / issues and homeopathic first aid.


Our all Natural Pet Supplement Capsules are manufactured in a NZFSA Registered and Licensed Processing facility in the Bay of Plenty ensuring Quality standards are always met. Our specific blends of all Natural, New Zealand, Land and Sea Produce, ensures your Pet receives the benefits of a Product which supplies important dietary vitamins and minerals, which are easily and naturally metabolised by your Pets normal body systems.

Joint Support Capsules - A Blend to support the Joints, and Musculo-Skeletal System. Using Products which are a Natural source of Glucosamine and Chondroitin they are most beneficial to older Dogs helping to reduce the symptoms associated with Canine Osteoarthritis and in Younger Dogs to support and help prevent the early onset of Joint Function and Muscle Problems.

Immunity Support Capsules - A Blend to support and Strengthen the Body's Immune System aiding it to provide resistance and an enhanced ability to fight Disease or Injury for your Pet.

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