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Raising Healthy Puppies & Kittens

How to Raise Healthy Puppies and Kittens Naturally?

We all know how exciting it can be to get a new little furry family member, we want them to have the best, happiest life that we can possibly give them.  This means good nutrition, a dry warm place to live and a happy home environment.

So what is the best we can do for the nutritional well being of our new pet? 

‘It is to feed them a well balanced natural diet.’

We all know that dogs and cats were domesticated from the wild, so yes their behaviour has domesticated but their digestive systems have not.  So if we look at what wild dogs, cats and wolves eat in the wild, that helps them build strong healthy bodies with long happy lives, should we not mirror this in what we feed to our dogs and cats, starting from as young as possible.

The way you feed your puppy/kitten will go a long way to determining its level of health for the rest of its life.  

Dogs are omnivore that means they can not survive on only meat alone, they would not get all the vitamins, minerals and nutrient they need to keep them healthy.  Cats are carnivores, they need more raw meat than dogs.  

We believe they should be feed on good quality raw meaty bones diet, with added vegetables and other supplementation. 

They should be left slightly hungry, so they don’t over feed and get fat.  A fat cuddly puppy may look cute, but it is not a healthy condition for them to be in.  Keeping them lean and trim is best for long term health.

We have natural fleaing and worming products, so you don’t’ have to use chemical or pesticides to keep you puppy/kitten parasite free.  Check out Jumpeis and Wiggles

Making the transition into the house can be upsetting for everyone, we find Ignatia works well, and it assists with the pining, upset and grief of leaving the litter and/or coming into a new environment. Buy now

Calcium supplementation is not a good idea for your puppy.  We have developed a bone growth formula, which is a mix of homeopathic tissue cell salts and flower essences.  These work by helping the body assimilate properly what calcium and phosphorus it gets from the food, so there is no need to add extras.  Bone Growth

Contact us to get a copy of our Growing Healthy Puppies and Kittens guidelines.  This will give you a helping hand in what to feed, when to feed it, how to feed it.  When to worm & flea and what other things you can do for your puppy or kitten to give them the best possible start in life.

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