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Tukkathyme 1.5kg (31)

Tukkathyme 1.5kg
Herbal Museli for Dogs and Cats.
Tukkathyme is a blend of oats dehydrated vegetables and fruits, garlic, barley, kelp, green herbs, flaked rice, flaked corn, molasses, lecithin, alfalfa - all blended together just as nature intended.
Not only does Tukkathyme add variety to your pets diet, it also provides many minerals and vitamins needed for good health.  Great for many health conditions such as dogs and cats itchy skin, rash, allergies and many more.
The combination of all the natural ingredients work on the digestive system to remove the build up of toxins, which in turn promotes an overall healthy dog or cat.
Tukkathyme is the number one museli we use at the Centre as the carbohydrate portion of your dogs and cats BARF diet. Mix this in with their raw meat and vegetables to get an all round healthy meal. 
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